Do not let a stranger walk in to your door for a $12 sale!

Buy Less. Borrow More

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Shared Economy

Your personal trusted network to share and save

Lend - Rent-out - Sell

Let a friend borrow your rarely used fancy handbag for a special occasion. Even explore the option to rent it out (or) sell it for a small stash towards your dream charity.

Buy - Borrow - Rent

Why do you have to buy a new lawn mower when your friend has it idling in his garage? Get creative by crowd funding among your friends for those rarely used big ticket items.

Trusted Friends

Only friends from your trusted phone contact list can be added to view your items.


Create Loops to form a closed knit group and add friends of similar interest. Share items restricted to a loop.


Let your cowboy boots say neighhhh! Lend it to a friend and let them enjoy the ride!!


Shelves don't appreciate books! People do! Rent it to a friend and stash some cash!!


$234.99 for a 2 story ladder that you use only once in 3 years? Just borrow it from your neighbor. When the right opportunity knocks, they know you'll return the favor! Bond better!!


Wanna declutter your home? Got a lotta boxes? Give it away to a friend in need!!

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